What to look for while selecting designer Chaniya Choli for wedding

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Designer Chaniya Choli

Chaniya Choli for wedding is popular from a long time and it is equally preferred today as well. There are shops that make exclusive dresses in the wedding season and people can select the most liked one from the available lot. Fabric plays an important role while selecting a dress for the wedding ceremony. Silk, satin, georgette and crepe are the prominent fabric used for designer wedding attire. Cotton is the least preferred because it does not have glaze and glossy finish. Bright colors always signify the wedding wear and therefore you would always find these dresses in gaudy colors. Typically Indian brides like heavy work and rich decoration because marriage is the most special occasion and the outfit should underline that. Therefore, bridal Chaniya Choli is heavily decorated with bright start, beads and mirrors to make it dazzling and flickering in the bright lights.

Designers work hard to bring out new patterns of Chaniya Choli for wedding every season to make it fresh and gorgeous. High demand during the peak season sometimes causes shortage of good outfits and therefore it is better to purchase the bridal Chaniya Choli much earlier. There are specialists that have catalogues of designs and patterns with a wide variety and you can get the best dress stitched according to the order. This exclusive dress adds a fantastic grace to the occasion.
Bridal Chaniya Choli has acquired a great place in the fashion world and there are hundreds of patterns available to make the wedding day special!

Chaniya Choli for Curvaceous Women

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Designer Chaniya Choli

Chaniya choli is a versatile outfit – it allows variations in style and cut that can adorn nearly all body shapes and sizes. So if you are a curvaceous woman with a more than average body weight, you will love what a chaniya choli does to your frame.

Prefer a Tailor-Made Blouse to a Readymade One
Tailor-made clothes, if stitched and designed correctly are way better than their readymade counterparts. Particularly when it comes to the blouse of the chaniya choli outfit, a dressmaker will be able to do great justice. You can choose from myriad designs over the web or from design catalogs that most tailors keep.

Accentuate what You Love about Your Body
Your lovely curves give you several advantages over your slimmer sisters; so make an effort to accentuate them! If you have a great bust, an enticing back, or lovely, feminine arms, make sure you highlight these features to your best advantage. Enhancing what’s good will put you in the right mood exuding oodles of confidence, which will in turn make you shine at the party. Continue reading “Chaniya Choli for Curvaceous Women” »

Accessorizing a Chaniya Choli

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Designer Chaniya Choli

Accessories add versatility to an outfit – you can create a casual look, a bohemian look or a completely formal look out of the same outfit just by differing the accessories. Likewise, a chaniya choli outfit can be given different avatars based on the accessories you choose.

Wear Blingy Footwear
Shoes have mystical powers over a woman’s confidence level as far as appearances go. Enhance your chaniya choli mood with shoes that complement the dress and make you feel at your charming best.
The order of the outfit is shiny and showy, so it will look appropriate if you keep the shoes in agreement with the same. Shoe styles can be Indian like a jodhpuri slipper, bejeweled flip-flop, or western like a peep-toe pump or mule, depending on your preference; but do try to keep in elements of brightness, stonework, or sequins in the shoes to feel like a Cinderella on a special evening.

Experiment with Jewelry Trends so Old that they Appear New
Vintage jewelry is currently making a comeback, so you can see old pieces like nose rings, jhumars, and the haath panja (the bangle which attaches itself to finger rings, which is mostly seen on Indian brides) being worn on red carpets, ramps and all those fashionably exotic places. Bollywood celebrities like Vidya Balan and Sonam Kapoor are heads on with this trend; you could just browse through a few pictures of these actresses for styling ideas. Continue reading “Accessorizing a Chaniya Choli” »

How to Buy Chaniya Choli?

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How to Buy Chaniya Choli
A beautiful occasion awaits you and you are looking for the perfect traditional Indian outfit to adorn you through the celebrations. What would be a better choice than to choose a dress that is sensuous yet agreeable to Indian sensibilities – the chaniya choli!
Shopping for a pair of chaliya choli will probably take you longer than you spend on regular shopping sprees; and if you head to the stores with a clear idea of what to expect and what would suit you best, it will be of significant help.

Fit is extremely important:
Most shops selling chaniya choli will give you semi-stitched, unstitched, and readymade alternatives to choose. While readymade ones are quick and convenient, they may not always fit flawlessly, in which case you must definitely go in for an alteration.
Unstitched or semi-stitched ones are best suited for most women – do go for these if you have some time before the festival and you know of a good dressmaker who can do justice to the precious fabric. They also let you infuse some creativity in the styles to make your dress look unique.
You may also buy separate pieces of chaniya, choli, and dupatta, and mix-and-match them to put together an eclectic ensemble. Continue reading “How to Buy Chaniya Choli?” »

Check designerchaniyacholis.com for Designer Chaniya Cholis for women and kids!

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Designer Chaniya Choli

designerchaniyacholis.com has been launched recently for fashion lovers and enthusiasts from more than 150 countries across the world. There can be hundreds of online ethnic fashion websites, but this one differs from the others because of the information it contains. Though, this is a fashion website, they also feature some good information of various online stores that can supply authentic chaniya choli sets for the visitors to choose from. Apart from this information, the website also features details of wedding accessories, jewelry, handbag, footwear, veils and much more.

As an ethnic fashion website, it offers an in-store wedding experience, with its exhaustive collection of Indian fashion articles. This is the reason why the designer chaniya choli website is different from the rest. The site is committed in bringing to its customers, the most recent embroidery styles and cuts. Regardless of what style users want, they can find all the information here. The owner of the company says that, “As an ethnic fashion website, we are committed to give our visitors with the right information that they need to compliment their day, with one of these beautiful chaniya cholis”. Continue reading “Check designerchaniyacholis.com for Designer Chaniya Cholis for women and kids!” »

Use the new age internet technology to buy Chaniya Choli Online

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Designer Chaniya Choli

Festivals are the grand celebration times and men, women and children all enjoy it like anything. Traditional wear has a great importance in festivals and it becomes mandatory to get adorned with rich ethnic attires.

Chaniya Choli has become a trend everywhere and people search almost every avenue to get the best pieces. Buying fantastic Chaniya Choli online is very much possible nowadays with the availability of various web stores that offer plethora of variety in the most competitive prices. This wonderful apparel originated in Gujarat, the most vibrant state of India, but really it has become the universally accepted dress to indicate the typical traditional feeling. Continue reading “Use the new age internet technology to buy Chaniya Choli Online” »